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Your Google account is the email id that you use as our Gmail id. For example if someone has a Gmail id as then the Google account of the said person would be abcxez. You Google account is required for all the products and services offered by Google which comprises YouTube, Android operating system, Google phone, Gmail, Google classroom, Google plus etc and also that product will be manage Google customer care technical executive. Google is the largest software firm in the world and controls more than half of the email market with Gmail and online broadcasting with YouTube. 

Using Google account with COC:

You can link your Google Account with COC simply by following the steps below but if you want Google customer care number then dial given phone number:

1) Go to settings of COC account and then add account
2) Type your google account and in order to authenticate yourself, enter the password
3) Let COC go to google and validate your account.
Your COC account will be linked to your Google account

How to change Google account password ?

dial the Google customer care phone number for quick and instant support-

Your Google account has a password associated with it which is mostly required to sign in for nay product or service of Google for the first time at least. The Google password is set by you at the time of creating the Gmail id. At the time of setting a password, you are asked a few questions that you need to remember the answer to which are required when you change password. The following steps are taken when you wish to change Google account password:

1) Log in to and click the link for forgot password.
2) Select the way on how to retrieve password from changing password via email or by phone
3) Now follow the instructions and change the password. Make sure that the password is safe and secure by using a combination of special characters, numbers and alphabets in the password.
4) Log in again with your new password.
I am sure,the above steps resolve your problem as soon as possibal but if you are want Google customer care number for quick and instant result then contact given toll free number.

How to clear Google account search history ?

Google has its own web browser which goes by the name of Google Chrome. It is the most used web browser in the world and is available for both mobile based devices and personal laptops. The google search history is stored in Google Chrome web browser for the sites that you visit. To clear that history you can follow the below steps or dial the Google customer care number for quick guideline:

1) Open Google Chrome and go to settings
2) Go to history and click on clear history

You search history from Google Chrome will be deleted.
In order to delete the Google account history, you can visit the site at and log in wit your credentials. Here you can click on the option of clearing the history and the Google account history will be deleted and also you can dial Google customer service number for any type query.

Why Google users talk to Google Customer Service Number?

As there are lot of Google users around the world, it is a necessity for Google to have a Google customer service group. For the same reasons, Google has a customer service number to help its clients. Whenever you face any issue with your Google account , you can dial in the number to connect with them and get your queries resolved. If you face a particular issues with your Google account , you can specifically contact Google customer service number or Google customer care number. You can also contact via social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook or Google Plus where you can post your issue which will be resolved at the earliest 

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