Netgear Router Password Reset

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Are you using the Netgear Router? If no, then have you ever heard of it? Well, we guarantee that your answer to the second question will definitely be a YES. In today's world, the demand of routers is increasing like an exponential curve. Whether it is home, school, or office, you will find a router almost everywhere. But sometimes, the naive users often asks the question- which is the best router that we should opt for? So, if you have also a similar doubt in your mind then we want to let you know that 98% of the Internet users recommend none other than the routers manufactured by Netgear as per the survey conducted last year. Moreover, the fast Internet connection is one of the most popular reasons for this higher voting and superiority given to these routers over others. So, it's a surety that when you will use the Netgear routers then you will have the chance to get access to the most innovated and superfast routers.

Although the users of the routers have to face a large number of issues, in this article, we will keep this discussion limited to the two major issues faced by thousands of customers. One of these issues is related to the Netgear router password reset and the other one is generally associated with setting up this router for the first time.

How to change Netgear router password?

So, let us take a look at the following given point Netgear router password reset steps .

  1. The first step is to launch any browser and after that, you have to go to the official router login page.
  2. In the next step, you have to enter "admin" as the username and along with that, you have to enter "password" under the Password field.
  3. After that, you have to click on the OK button and you will see that a basic Home Page is being displayed on the browser's screen.
  4. There, you have to click on the option named as WIRELESS and after that, you have to enter your username under the field named as NAME (SSID).
  5. Next, it's the time to enter your password under the field named as PASSWORD (NETWORK KEY).
  6. The final step is to click on the APPLY button.

So, we assume that after reading the above steps, you would be successfully able to perform the Netgear Router Password recover easily.

How to setup Netgear router first time? 

Now, we would like to tell you the steps for setting up your router for the first time.but in that case your problem is not resolve then don't panic and contact Netgear Router password reset team.

  1. The first thing which you need to do right now is to connect your modem with the Netgear router's INTERNET PORT. Along with that, you also have to connect your PC to the LAN port.
  2. After that, it's the time to turn off and then on all your devices like PC, router, and modem.
  3. Next, you have to go to router login page again and repeat the steps 2 and 3 of the above method.
  4. After that, the experts located on the Netgear router support number suggests every user to fo to the SETUP WIZARD screen.
  5. Now, select the Option named as YES and tap on NEXT button twice and you are done.

So, in case, you are still entangled with your issues and if they are not solved even after following the above steps, the quickly reach out to us via our toll-free Netgear router password reset number.


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