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Pinterest is a social networking website have a large audience now. It is not about interacting with one another but it is something where you interact with pictures on your topics where you are interested . you can pin your picture which you liked in a pin board you are provided in your account to have an easy access for the same. To use pinterest you have to download the application and then you have go through a mandatory registration for using the account.if you want to more information about pinterest then dial Pinterest tech support phone number & technical executive available 24*7 for pinterest users.

How to install pinterest button?  

1) Visit the pinterest's browser button web page . The button can be added onto any browser that is chrome, firefox, safari and internet explorer
2) Now click get our browser button and you will see a re button on the right side of the page. The page will direct you to to follow instructions and the instructions may vary for different browsers
Chrome - Click Add extension when directed. Chrome will then refresh the page when the Pinterest is done installing.
Firefox - Click Allow in the upper left half of the page when directed, at that point click Install.
Safari - Click the download button in the upper right half of Safari, at that point double tap the setup record and click Install when directed.
Web Explorer - Click Run at the base of the page, at that point click Install. Close Internet Explorer, take after the on-screen setup guidelines, and after that re-open Internet Explorer.
3) Locate the pinterest button it is red at the background and "p" has been written on it. it would be on the right side of the screen if you are not able to locate it try looking for it after closing and re opening your browser.

How do i reset Pinterest password?

 If you  feel its time to change your password you can reset it using simple steps given below:

  • Go to the reset website
  • Find your account use your username , name or email
  • Select send email
  • check your Email ID which was given at the time of registration and confirm your password reset.

NOTE: if you are already on your account change your pinterest password from your settings.

How to recover Pinterest password?

If you tend to forget your account then you do not have to worry as it provides a simple method to recover your password. Here are some steps you can follow in order to get back your forgotten password.

1) Click on the forgot your password.
2) Enter your email where the page has directed you.
3) After you provided the email address now you will receive a password  reset mail . if the mail did not appear check your spam mail
4) Open the mail you will be directed with a link which would take you to the site where you can recover your password.
5)Now after following all the steps for this procedure create password button in the password fields appears.

Pinterest is one of the free sites that offers the helpful administration to alter an assortment of records. It is expected enlistment to use by various clients who can transfer, spare, sort, and oversee pictures.if any problem related to pinterest dial pinterest tech support number to seek assistance.

Contact us Pinterest tech support phone number 

The pinterest technical support team is available every time when some user faces some kinds of technical issues. If someone is not able to store data from pinterest on their board they can contact this number provided for users and get specific solution to all problems within no time.

Also,If users face new problems then he could also contact pinterest tech support executive who is an expert can fix numerous issues and you can contact them anytime as they are available 24*7.


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