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Undoubtedly google is the most versatile website ever. Google started as a search engine but in a short span of time it has managed to provide several benefits to internet users. Google has released many services for internet users like google map, google drive, google doc, Gmail, playstore etc. Google also released a service for flight booking known as google flight on 13th September 2011. It provides a user friendly experience of flight booking based upon various criteria and filters which can be selected by users as per their convenience like budget, timing of light etc. Google flight provides wonderful experience with interactive calendar and price chart in order to select cheapest flights to fly to the destination. Booking a flight via Google flights customer service number is very easy, you just need to follow the simple instructions given below.

How to book a flight using Google flights

Here the portion tickets booking process of Google flights,so follow the given below steps-

  • Open google flights website
  • Enter the details like departure city and destination
  • Select the type of booking you want to make i.e. one way, round way or multicity
  • Now select the number of passengers traveling along with the cabin class 
  • Click the calendar and select the date of travel. You can easily identify the cheapest flight available on that particular day
  • Prices of flight may fluctuate depending on demand and rush. Generally flight prices are updated every 24 hrs.
  • You can use filter and sort criteria to find the flight best suitable to you for e.g. you want to select only non-stop flight, you want to board the flight late night etc.
  • Choose the flight for both directions if selected
  • After selecting the flights you will be required to book the same. For that you will be directed to airlines or travel agency website to complete the transaction. If you select Book on google then you can complete the transaction without leaving google page.

Get fantastic and handy Google Flights customer service & support 

In case of any issues like google flights app not working on iphone,check the flight status & if you want to check the Google flights fare calender then you may attempt to troubleshoot using Google flight customer service online else you can contact Google flight customer service number toll free.  


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How I can cacel my flight ticket I just book 4 hous ago? Thank you

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